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pvc coated chain link fence

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Brief introduction of Baosu hook flower network

    Plastic coated hook flower net is a kind of hook flower net classified by material, but also composed of hook flower, but the material is different.

Plastic coated hook flower net composition

    The plastic wire hook flower net is made of high quality pvc, pe coated wire, and the inner wire can be black wire, cold galvanized and hot galvanized wire.

Plastic coated hook flower net general form

    Mesh range: 20mm-120mm wire diameter range (after plastic) 2mm-6mm, and can be gripped and shrinked according to customer requirements. Colors can be selected from grass green, dark green, yellow, white, black and other colors, generally in grass green, dark green.

Plastic coated hook flower net features

    Installation is simple and convenient, and is not affected by terrain conditions. It is not easy to corrode and fade, has a long service life, beautiful appearance, various colors and decorative effects.

Plastic coated chain flower net use

    Uses: Suitable for buildings, stadium fences, highway fences, workshops, workshops, warehouse partitions and stone cages and slope greening, pipeline insulation networks, highways, stadiums, parks, warehouses, zoo fences, construction site fences , captive poultry, slope greening, pipeline insulation network, landscaping, slope protection, etc. It is the first choice for beautifying urban environmental engineering. Design the processing frame according to user requirements.

chain link fence


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 Phone: 86-18832824868
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