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Hebei MOQI Metal Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd.

We have 200 sets of gabion machine.which can make sure of the delivery time.
We produce galvanized wire by ourselves. 



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ADD: Hebei anping county after zhao tuan development zone
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gabion box factory

A list of these gabion box factory articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional gabion box factory, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • gabion mesh

    Gabion mesh is an engineering technology that is woven into a twisted hexagonal metal mesh by anti-corrosion and wear-resistant high-strength low-carbon galvanized steel wire. It is assembled and loaded with packing materials such as stone according to engineering design requirements. The honeycomb

  • Gabion mesh slope protection

    If a layer of soil or naturally deposited soil is thrown on the surface of the gabion cage or the gabion net pad, green plants such as grass can be grown, so that not only the river protection but also the environment is greened. The stone cage net is paved with slope protection, and the plant-coate

  • Gabion mesh can play a role in strengthening vegetation

    Now people are paying attention to urban greening. Relevant departments will also purchase a large number of binge nets for greening, because the vegetation damage is very serious now, and soil erosion in many places is serious. In order to improve this situation, relevant departments will be big in



MOQI is a company based on galvanized wire in 1993.




 Tel: 86-18832824868
 Phone: 86-18832824868
 Add: Hebei anping county after zhao tuan development zone


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