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Hebei MOQI Metal Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd.

We have 200 sets of gabion machine.which can make sure of the delivery time.
We produce galvanized wire by ourselves. 



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Welded Wire Fencing exporter

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  • Wire Mesh Terminology

    Cracks: Longitudinal cracks that appear on the wire surface.

    Cracking(stitching):The surface of the wire is cracked by visible small transverse stripes that show a tongue or other shape.

    Stratification:Partial or long division occurs along the longitudinal direction steel wire


  • Wire mesh tensile strength

    The tensile strength of wire mesh is the maximum tensile stress (tensile failure load/cross-sectional area) that the material can withstand before it resists tensile failure. Hook chain net material is hard or soft. The tensile strength of the hard-state steel wire is between 540 and 980 Mpa; the te

  • What Should Be Paid Attention To During The Purchase Process Of Welded Wire Mesh

    What should be paid attention to during the purchase process of welded wire mesh? Welded wire mesh is generally used in the construction field as a building material for construction. For example, the quality of galvanized welded wire mesh is very strictly controlled. Nowadays, with the increasing

  • Welded Wire Production Process And Construction Applications

    Welded wire production process and construction applications In the production and operation process of many industrial fields, there is no shortage of products. This product can play a good role in building insulation. It is made of high-quality low-carbon steel and welded. This is the welding pro

  • In Which Industries Are Welded Wire Mesh Applicati

    In which industries are welded wire mesh applications? Nowadays, in many industries, various nets are used. It can be said that the existence of these nets can provide some convenience for the work of people in the industry, and play the most important role. Just like the current welded wire mesh, i

  • How To Judge Whether The Welded Wire Mesh Is A Qualified

    How to judge whether the welded wire mesh is a qualified ? There are many manufacturers of welded wire mesh, but some products produced by some manufacturers are not qualified. Welding nets that cannot provide inspection certificates for welded wire meshes will still be exiled to the market. Then, h

  • Features Of Wire Mesh

    The wire is interlaced with polyester and nylon filaments. The surface of the fabric has a metallic luster, which is faintly flashing and changes with the change of the light source.



MOQI is a company based on galvanized wire in 1993.




 Tel: 86-18832824868
 Phone: 86-18832824868
 Add: Hebei anping county after zhao tuan development zone


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