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Hebei MOQI Metal Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd.

We have 200 sets of gabion machine.which can make sure of the delivery time.
We produce galvanized wire by ourselves. 



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ADD: Hebei anping county after zhao tuan development zone
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Hot Dip Roofing Nails exporter

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  • Where is the roofing nail suitable for use?

    As we all know, corrugated nails are nails that are not easy to pull out, and they are also relatively solid. They must not come off during use, and their cost is also high. Therefore, we should use the corrugated nail to play its true role and use it where it is most needed. Then introduced the cor

  • Classification Of Roofing Nails

    Classification of roofing nails1. ordinary round nails: used nail wood.2. Shoot nails: machine nails, used for nailing wood (like staples arranged closely, but straight).3.the floor nails: dedicated floor.4. screw nails: the surface of the thread to the complex thread, but not used to screw into the



MOQI is a company based on galvanized wire in 1993.




 Tel: 86-18832824868
 Phone: 86-18832824868
 Add: Hebei anping county after zhao tuan development zone


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