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galvanized welded wire mesh

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Qiqi is one of the largest suppliers of galvanized welded wire mesh in China. Our quality products are made of Q195 or Q235 excellent performance materials. We can supply a full range of wire mesh and mesh size welding mesh, depending on the environment. The surface may be electrogalvanized or hot dip galvanized with a wire diameter ranging from 0.3 mm to 4 mm and a standard mesh width of 0.3 m to 2.4 m.

Welded wire mesh, also known as wire mesh or welded wire fabric, is generally made of low carbon steel wire or stainless steel wire. It has many square holes. The wires are parallel to each other and longitudinally welded. The welding distance is required for each intersection.

Galvanized welded mesh type

The galvanized wire mesh is economical and practical, and is suitable for many applications. As the name implies, the surface of the welded mesh is coated with a thin zinc layer to prevent rust. It has two different surface treatment methods, galvanizing before welding, galvanizing after galvanizing. They all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Galvanized welded mesh before welding

The welded wire mesh galvanized prior to welding is directly welded to various mesh sizes using galvanized iron wire, but during the welding process, the zinc coating at each weld intersection is broken, which causes all welds to rust easily. Wet environment because they lost galvanized protection.

Galvanized welded mesh after welding

The welded galvanized wire mesh after welding is longer than the galvanized wire mesh before welding because it is made of untreated surface welded mesh and immersed in molten zinc, including the entire grid of solder joints covering more Zinc. Therefore, the welded wire which is usually galvanized before welding is cheaper than the wire mesh which is galvanized after welding.

Moqi welded wire mesh products are not only standard but also custom-made to meet the requirements of different applications. Therefore, custom wire diameters, opening sizes, lengths and widths are available upon request.


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