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What Are The Characteristics Of The Gabion Mesh

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What are the characteristics of the weld mesh gabions?

Hot-plated 10% zinc aluminum cage net, hot-plated 5% zinc aluminum cage (also called zinc 10 aluminum cage net, gabion mesh, about zinc 5 aluminum cage net) by 10% of various standards (or 5 %) Aluminum zinc alloy low carbon steel wire woven. Adding stone to the project site opens up a flexible, water-permeable, collective retaining plan for ecological protection projects. The gabion wire is made of high galvanized steel wire, about 10% zinc aluminum alloy steel wire, and 5% aluminum zinc alloy low carbon steel wire. If the environmental conditions are less than ideal, the purification ratio is severe, and the wire can be roughly coated (PVC). ) to strengthen the anti-snag function of the mesh.


Project layouts made with guest grids have the following characteristics:

1. Flexible layout: anti-rainstorm, water erosion, no layout seams, custom deformation, ductility of the whole layout, slope protection and beach protection

2, good water permeability: drainage consolidation, which will help stabilize the slope, soil and water conservation.

3. Corrosion resistance: The low-carbon steel wire treated by surface corrosion protection is durable, with a PVC/PE protective layer on the exterior, which can be used for the shore beach of the ocean and the river water facade with great changes in water quality.

4. Assembling and construction are convenient: no water, cement, farmwork and electricity, simple and easy to install, can be assembled into various shapes according to the drawing and binding, and the connection is a whole.

5, fast, conducive to the rush time: can be more than one group together, parallel, flow operation.

6. Economical application: The use of local stone resources can be tailored. 

The welded gabion mesh is a cage made of excellent steel wire welded. In the box filled with stone or natural pebbles, can be used for highways, slope protection, roadway protection, bridge protection, retaining walls and so on. With the water permeability, collective and other benefits.

 Weld mesh gabions is a hexagonal twisted-gauge wire mesh that is machine-woven by specially preservative treated low-carbon steel wire, and is made in the factory to fit the cage layout of engineering requirements. Filling binge nets with stone materials at the construction site is commonly used for bank slope protection, river trough bottom protection and other anti-scouring works. Its layout has characteristics such as flexibility, water permeability, totality, and environmental affinity.

The weld mesh gabions is suitable for high flow rate, severe erosion, and the bank slope seeps more water. The Double twist woven steel wire mesh gabion is a flexible layout with good self-adjustment for uneven settlement. The porosity of the shore, the gap between the stones facilitates the rest of the animals, the growth of the plants, and the bin grid surface above the waterline can be adapted to the ecological considerations and safety requirements by embedding the landfill bags.

The outer layer of low-carbon high-dip galvanized or 10% Al-Zn thin alloy steel wire is covered with a layer of PVC or PE (no other polymer is selected). The product layout will be more rust-proof, anti-static, anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, and high. Compression resistance, high shear resistance and other characteristics can be useful for resisting seawater or highly polluting the environment.



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