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Welded Wire Production Process And Construction Applications

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In the production and operation process of many industrial fields, there is no shortage of products. This product can play a good role in building insulation. It is made of high-quality low-carbon steel and welded. This is the welding process. network.

Welded wire mesh is also known as wall insulation welded wire mesh,welded wire mesh cable tray in the wall insulation industry. Therefore, when people choose spot welded wire mesh cable tray, they should give priority to its high-quality characteristics and strong external wall building function. The construction of the wall can be done more easily.

Welding wire production and anti-corrosion treatment are through a series of strict chemical processes to ensure product quality.

First of all, when people start to use the welded wire mesh cable tray,, it will find that its carbon content is very low, and the application of steel wire is also made of high quality materials, after a cold plating process, and After hot-dip plating, the passivation operation was carried out in the plasticize process of a PVC at the end, which completely processed the entire plasticizing process. Therefore, the production and production of such a welded wire mesh can achieve a flat situation on the mesh surface, and the meshes are also very well-balanced, and the welding points are also quite firm. Therefore, this type of welded cable will always be loved by the public.

The welded wire mesh will integrate the insulation board with the wall surface. Welded wire meshes play an integral role in the construction of exterior walls, as well as in the use of concrete and even in high-rise residential areas.

Since the entire thermal insulation system is capable of designing structural skeletons, if people make good use of welded wire mesh, they can conduct industrial and construction protection on the welded wire mesh, thus making the outer wall work of the construction industry smoothly anti-cracking reformed. . In addition, the welded wire mesh is constructed after the hot-dip galvanizing, so that the plate can be placed on the external wall of the reformed cast, which can prompt the inner wall and the outer wall of the outer wall and the outer mold to be activated once. As long as people remove the mold, it can integrate the insulation board with the wall body, which is convenient for all customers to encounter various problems in the exterior wall of the building.


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