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The temporary guardrail

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The temporary guardrail is simply a guardrail that is temporarily built to meet certain needs during the construction process. This kind of guardrail is only a temporary guardrail in the vicinity, that is, once waiting for the project to be completed or waiting for a certain After a purpose is reached, the guardrail will also be removed. Usually such a guardrail is also called a moving guardrail.

The temporary guardrail for welded nets, their basic scarves are between 3.6 mm and 6 mm, the aperture is divided into four sizes, the smallest size is 50 mm by 200 mm, and the largest size is 100 mm by 200. Millimeter. The height of each mesh is almost between two meters and three meters. However, his biggest advantage is that it can be processed according to the needs of each customer, because their columns are divided into many different columns, and some columns are Peach-shaped, some of the columns are square, and some of the columns are round, and some are other shapes. These shapes can be processed according to the needs of each customer during the selection process. Generally speaking, Green is the mainstay, and some welded mesh municipal temporary guardrails have yellow and blue matching. These products have been treated with relevant surfaces, including spray coating and sandblasting electrostatic spraying. All customers can use them with confidence. It is.

The temporary guardrail wire diameter is usually between 1.5 mm and 4 mm, divided into three specifications, the smallest size is 50 mm by 50 mm, the largest specification is 70 mm by 70 mm It is a rectangular structure, the structure of the whole mesh is naturally different, but this product is divided into two kinds of columns during the processing, the first is a square column, the second is a circular The column, whose surface is treated by PVC plastic coating, has also been subjected to hot-dip galvanizing treatment, and has not been subjected to other treatments. This product is relatively limited in the process of use, its color Usually in green or blue.

The municipal temporary guardrail itself is used for temporary partitioning, so it has great flexibility, and all its installations can be disassembled at any time.


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