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The difference between stainless steel wire and stainless steel bright wire

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Stainless steel wire, also known as stainless steel wire, is made of stainless steel as raw material of different specifications and types of silk products, the origin of the United States, the Netherlands, Japan, the cross section is generally round or flat. Common stainless steel wires with good corrosion resistance are stainless steel wires of 304 and 316.

The wire drawing of the stainless steel wire pulls the wire rod or the wire blank from the die hole of the wire drawing die under the action of the drawing force to produce a metal plastic processing process of the steel wire of the small section or the colored metal wire. Wires of different cross-sectional shapes and sizes of different metals and alloys can be produced by drawing. The drawn wire has a precise size and a smooth surface, and the drawing equipment and the mold are simple and easy to manufacture.

The stress state of the wire drawing is the three-way principal stress state of the two-direction compressive stress and the tensile stress. Compared with the principal stress state in which the three-direction is the compressive stress, the drawn wire is more likely to reach the plastic deformation state. The deformation state of the drawing is a three-way main deformation state in which the two-direction compression deformation is stretched and deformed, which is disadvantageous for exerting the plasticity of the metal material, and is relatively easy to generate and expose surface defects. The amount of deformation of the wire during the drawing process is limited by the coefficient, and the number of times of deformation of the wire is small, and the number of drawing passes is large. Therefore, multi-pass continuous high-speed drawing is often used in the production of the wire.


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