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The Use Of Stone Cage Network Advantages

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First of all, when we use it, the advantage of the flexible structure of the China gabion box mesh is very obvious. We think that we often meet some slopes and some special working environments in the construction environment, but because of the flexibility, this material is in use. It will not change because of changes in the environment, nor will it be destroyed at will, so compared with some steel structures, his safety and stability are quite obvious.

In terms of the use of embankments, because embankments are often flushed with large amounts of water, the materials that are used need to have strong anti-erosion capabilities. When they are used, they are all stipulated. Need to withstand the maximum water flow rate can reach more than six meters a second.

When this material is used, we can find that this material is inherently water-permeable. The natural and filtering effects of groundwater are very high, and it is required to have a relatively strong inclusiveness. It can make the environment gradually change and achieve our purpose of use, and it can also make the China gabion box mesh really play a role. It can be done by lifting and throwing in the construction, which is very simple.


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