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The Matters Needing Attention In The Construction Of The Fence Net

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As a china Bilateral Wire Fence exporter,Hebei Moqi Metal Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. tells you the matters needing attention in the construction of the fence net

The fence net includes quality china Bilateral wire fence, pvc coated welded wire mesh frame railing fence,etc. It will encounter many problems during construction. To avoid the problem, let's take a look at what it needs to pay attention to?

(1) During the construction of the fence net, the information of all kinds of equipment should be accurately grasped, especially the exact position of various pipelines buried in the roadbed, and no damage should be made to the underground equipment during the construction process.

(2) When the column is driven too deep, the column should not be pulled out for correction. It is necessary to re-enter the base and then adjust the position of the column. Attention should be paid to the hammering force when approaching the depth during construction.

(3) The flange of the bridge should be installed with flanges, paying attention to the positioning of the flange and the control of the elevation of the top surface of the column.

The crash barrier is also the safety equipment installation project of the expressway and is the primary component of the appearance quality of the expressway. The intrinsic quality of the anti-collision guardrail lies in the raw material and processing history. The quality of its appearance depends on the construction process. The construction should pay attention to the combination of construction preparation and pile driver. From time to time, sum up the experience and strengthen the construction management. It is the installation quality of the corrugated beam anti-collision guardrail. Can be managed.

As a  china Bilateral Wire Fence exporter, our company is one of the professional manufacturers of highway fence products. It undertakes various kinds of highway fence network engineering products. The highway fence network has the characteristics of simple grid structure, beautiful and practical, easy to transport, and the installation is not restricted by terrain fluctuation. It is highly adaptable to mountainous, sloping, multi-bend areas and terrains, and has incomparable advantages compared to other types of fences.


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