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The Main Features Of Fence Products Are As Follows

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As a low-carbon steel wire braided fence mesh exporter,the main features of Fence Products are as follows:

Hebei Moqi Metal Wire Mesh Product Co,Ltd. Main quality highway security protection wire mesh fence Product: Fence, highway fence, railway fence, sports fence, bridge fence, double loop fence, bilateral fence, wave fence, airport fence, triangle bend Fence nets, gill nets, thorn ropes, urban fences, etc. Production safety equipment products rely on the advantages of high quality and low price, well received by the majority of buyers, selling throughout the country and other places. Forging ahead, advancing with the times, we will continue to "excellent fence network products, perfect service, Affordable prices "to meet customer needs. The

 What are the main features of pvc coated welded wire mesh frame railing fence products?

1. The mesh and columns of road fence mesh are mainly connected with special plastic or high-strength accessories.

2, with easy installation, strong features.

3, the use of high-quality wire rod as a raw material, through the pvc heat shrinkable powder dip protection welded sheet metal, with long-term anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet radiation characteristics.

4, beautiful appearance, novel structure, high strength, good rigidity, giving a soft and comfortable feeling.

5, apply to the community garden, hook flower net fence made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire, galvanized wire, stainless steel wire, pvc coated wire and other crocheted. The

The weaving features of the china galvanized welded wire mesh fence netting are made of low-carbon steel wire braided and welded. It is mainly used for court fences to ensure safety. Garden nurseries, school playgrounds, playgrounds, parking lots, office buildings and other places.


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