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The Difference Between PVC Coated Frame Fence And Bilaterall Wire Fence

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Fence netting products are widely used in frame fence  and bilateral wire fence . Usually frame fence nets are mainly used for fences in highways, railways, airports, stations, service areas, bonded areas, open storage yards, ports and other fields. It has a landscaping environment, sturdy and durable, not easy to be brown, deformed, etc. The frame fence mesh is made of cold-drawn low-carbon steel wire welded nets, which are fixed by connecting accessories and steel pipe pillars; the grid structure is concise, easy to transport and install without terrain fluctuations. Restrictions, especially for mountainous, sloping, and multi-bend areas, are highly adaptable.

The fence mesh is a very flexible product that is widely used in China's highways, railways, highways, etc.; it can be used as a mesh wall or as a temporary isolation network, which can be realized by different column fixing methods. .

Fence mesh product specifications: mesh (mm): 75x150 mesh (mm): 1800x3000 frame (mm): 20x30x1.5 mesh dipping (mm): 0.7-0.8 mesh after molding (mm): 4.8 column size ( Mm): 48x2x2200 Overall bending: 30° bending length (mm): 300 Column spacing (mm): 3000 Column pre-buried (mm): 250-300 Pre-buried foundation (mm): 500x300x300 or 400 x400 x400.

The frame fence mesh is made of dip-coated wire: 2.9mm-6.0mm mesh: 125mm-250mm maximum size: 2400mm X 3000mm column: diameter 48mm-60mm frame: 14mm×20mm, 20mm×30mm Accessories: rain cap connecting piece anti-theft bolt Connection method: Snap-in structure: The insulation net welded by cold carbon steel wire is fixed with the connection attachment and the steel pipe support. Other specifications can be customized according to the actual situation of the customer! Frame railings, also known as “border-type anti-cold patch nets,” and “framed barriers,” are products that are very flexible in assembly and are widely used in China’s roads, railways, highways, etc.; they can be made into net walls. It can also be used as a temporary insulation net, which can be achieved by using different fixing methods of the pillars.

The frame fence factory has a concise, beautiful and practical grid structure. Easy to transport, easy to install - not subject to terrain fluctuations. In particular, it is highly adaptable to the slopes in the mountains. The price is low, suitable for large areas. The column is made of concrete castings, which has low engineering cost, high strength and good overall stability. The color plastic layer has good anti-corrosion and decorative effects, and the net perimeter is harmonious and beautiful. Dip fence nets are mainly used in metal fences in highways, railways, airports, stations, open storage, ports and other fields.

PVC Coated frame fence


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