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The Classification Of Security Screens

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Security Screen is also called stainless steel bulletproof wire mesh weaving,bulletproof wire mesh weaving,Bulletproof security window screen mesh,anti-theft screen.Because its material is 304 stainless steel wire,the diameter of security screen is usually about 1mm.After machine weaving,it has very good impact resistant.Some export quality Stainless Steel Security Screen Woven Mesh can withstand about 2 tons.In theory,can resist bullets,so it is also calledbulletproof mesh.

Stainless Steel Security Screen Woven Mesh is made of stainless steel wire and protected bu electrostatic spraying treatment.It has high anti-rust and anti-destructive ability.After inspection,the anti-invasive ability is up to 2.418 tons,which is more resistant to shear and damage.

Paint feature:

Ø The paint is strong,not easy to fall off,not burst.

Ø The surface is delicate,smooth,full color,bright.

Ø Strong corrosion resistance,excellent insulation of the skin.

Ø Abrasion resistant,repairable,easy maintenance,easy to clean.

Ø With environment protection,non-toxic,no radiation,anti-infiltration,

Strong anti-attract and other advantages.

The classification of security screens

ü The first is simple screen,which is to directly fixed the security screen ,which can prevent mosquitoes and mice,and at the same time prevent the children from falling to the building.

ü The second is to use a thin steel wire to pull up the protection mesh,relatively more flexible, to prevent children from falling to the building.

ü The third type is the combination of anti-theft windows and invisible screens. It is also the most used type of high-end residences. It is the anti-theft window and also the invisible window screening. The sliding screen of the screen window is designed on the aluminum alloy anti-theft window and can be used as the invisible window screening. The guardrail of the anti-theft window uses the lock control mechanism. When the lock is opened, the railing can be taken down and it is convenient to wipe the air conditioner. This design is very flexible.

ü The diamond screen is based on the common screen window, replacing the plastic material with a woven stainless steel mesh, and the frame can be thickened and locked, and the diamond frame is built into the interior of the aluminum alloy doors and windows, making the pliers impossible to use. Diamond can also be installed in conjunction with the alarm. When someone destroys the diamond, it will trigger an alarm and play the role of theft prevention.

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