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The Advantages And Effect Of Security Screen

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The advantages and effect of China quality bulletproof networks:

1. Security protection:

The introduction of American door and window expertise, the use of high-density anti-theft steel wire materials and high-difficult technical processing, King Kong mesh screen gauze has anti-high impact, anti-shear and other functions.


2. Emergency escape:

In the event of a fire accident, the company has a patented emergency escape function, a flexible inner lock, and is free to open and fold, ensuring that it will not delay the valuable time of escape and safety from danger.


3. To prevent falling from high altitude:

With double-insurance mechanical locks, high-altitude accidents can be prevented in children and the elderly playing in the house.


4. Invisible and transparent:

Zero line of sight blocking, zero-distance visual communication with the outside world, can maintain the flow of natural fresh air 24 hours a day, reduce the sub-health brought by air conditioning, so that you and your family will always have a healthy body and mind.

5. Environmental protection and energy saving:

This China quality bulletproof networks has no barrier feeling. The color of the selected materials will be based on the color of the user's home windows and doors. It will achieve zero occlusion and zero pressure. The indoors will remain bright and natural at any time, and communicate easily with the outside world.

6. Easy care:

This China quality bulletproof networks uses a special material, easy care a little care that is bright as new, life is 10 times the normal screen.

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