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Supply fence spikes and wall spikes

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The anti climb spikes are mainly installed on the fence or the fence beam, and are linked by screws. They are very strong and beautiful in appearance, and the safety is very high.

The fence nails can be PVC or spray-treated according to the color of the fence or guardrail. After the sprayed PVC treatment, the anti-rust effect is better, and the color matching purpose can also be achieved. Galvanized materials are the most widely used. Stainless steel fences are mainly used in high-end residential and national electric safety facilities. Stainless steel has the highest cost and the lowest galvanizing cost.

1. Product Name: Fence nails, fence anti-climbing nails, safety fence studs,anti climb spikes .

2. Model: Three models are available: large, medium and small.

3. Material: hot-dip galvanized sheet, stainless steel plate, surface spray or PVC or electrophoretic paint treatment.

4. The length of the anti climb spikes: the length is generally 1.25 meters, other lengths can be customized according to requirements.

5. The number and packaging of the anti climb spikes: The company is usually available from stock, with a large size of 30 boxes, a medium size of 60 boxes, and a small size of 60 boxes.

6. Scope of application: residential guardrails, fences, bank offices, villa houses, gates, climbing, prisons, airport protection, military and other places with special needs.

Wall Spikes

MOQI Company specializes in the production of wall spikes , which can effectively increase the safety factor. The wall spikes can be installed and fixed according to the wall environment, with good safety protection effect and beautiful appearance.

Stinger making and installation method: This product is made of hot-dip galvanized cold-pressing plate, stamped by special mold, and it is beautiful and safe in one-time molding! It is fixed on the wall or metal guardrail with expansion screws, which is convenient to install!

The characteristics of the wall spikes are as follows:

1. can be arranged according to the wall

2. Beautiful appearance, not easy to rust

3.Easy installation

4. low cost

5. The security protection effect is good.

6. The production speed is fast. 100,000 roots/month. The spot is sufficient.

Wall spikes specifications:

Material 1 or 2mm thick hot-dip galvanized steel, stainless steel plate, PVC spray treatment.

Anti-corrosion method: hot-dip galvanizing, PVC, spray, electrophoretic paint, stainless steel 304.

Thorn length: 65mm - 130 mm.

Basic length: 1.25m


Packed in cartons, the size of the large wall studs is 30/box, the medium size is 60/box, and the small size is 60/box.


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