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Structural characteristics and functional requirement of nails

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As china Galvanized Roofing Nails exporter,Hebei Moqi Metal Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. has a special view on the harmonious culture of honesty, win-win and harmonious symbiosis.

The primary construction materials of Hot Dipped Roofing Nails for plastic sheathed wiring The primary materials required for wiring construction of Hot Dipped Roofing Nails are: aluminum sheet cards, plastic nails, plastic sheathed wires, and dowel nails. Reply: Insurance, it is best to do another waterproof. For this reason, in the selection of fastener galvanizing process, in addition to considering the thickness and economic principles, we must also make specific analysis of specific problems, and make the best choice for the structural characteristics and functional requirements of fasteners.

Fixed line card: On a wall with a plaster layer or a wooden structure, the wire card can be directly fastened with a small wire nail (do not make the nail cap bulge to avoid scratching the outer sheath of the wire), in concrete or steel structure When laying the sheathing wire, an epoxy-bonded aluminum wire card can be used, and the method is the same as that of the bonding splint. Look for the side, that is, the square ruler, the horizontal line is leveled, the straight line is straight, the ceiling is popped, the wall skirt and the baseboard are used, and the flatness and the verticality of the wall surface are checked by the support line, and the average total of the plastering is in accordance with the actual situation. Under the principle of thickness, select the wall plastering thickness, first make a scale gray cake on each side of the wall, and add gray cake on the door and window and the corner.

The hardness of the Hot Dipped Roofing Nails is very large, thick and short, and the ability to pierce is very strong. The following documents and records shall be checked during the acceptance of the ceiling project. Question: The normal loss of tiles should be a lot better? The bathroom and kitchen are waterproof! Listening to Lao Nie said that I want to build a protective layer. I don’t know what kind of tool is this protective layer? Is it cement? Reply: Normal tile loss should be 5%. If there is a wooden cabinet on the wall of the bathroom, it is also necessary to put moisture-proof cotton. The nail of 5cm length is nailed into the root of the target of the length of the floor, and is penetrated into the floor at an oblique angle of 45 degrees, deep into the deep keel, so that the floor and the ground are carefully connected to form "whole".


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