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Stainless steel wire

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Stainless steel wire Manufacturer's application range. Perseverance and patience will, to some extent, determine what kind of person a person will become. Xinhe Xiaobian introduces you to stainless steel wire. In the case of obvious overcapacity and fierce competition in enterprises, there has been a lot of unfair competition in the stainless steel wire market. Some enterprises have used the knowledge of the users, the lack of information or the irregularity of procurement, etc. Deceive users and seriously disrupt the market order. In view of these problems, relevant industry enterprises should strengthen more self-discipline, promote integrity and ethics, promote standards implementation and supervision to carry out more effective work to maintain the overall interests and long-term development of the stainless steel wire industry.

Stainless steel wire can be woven into a filter for high acidity, alkaline chemical compound decomposition and filtration, automotive fuel system, pharmaceutical industry filtration and beer brewing filtration, sewage treatment, tap water production and air filtration in a pure environment Wait. Stainless steel wire High strength, high elasticity, dimensional stability and friction resistance, widely used in the rubber industry to strengthen rubber, make tire cords and non-retractable toothed belts. Stainless steel wire has anti-static, shielding and high strength properties, so it is widely used in aerospace oil filtration, cable shielding and high-pressure tubing reinforcement. Stainless steel wire A new type of industrial material has penetrated into every corner of society and life. Traditional nylon wire and iron wire have been replaced by stainless steel wire more and more due to obvious defects.

Stainless steel wire is a very thin and strong and stable chromium-rich oxide film (protective film) formed on the surface to prevent the oxygen atoms from continuing to infiltrate and continue to oxidize, thereby obtaining the ability to resist rust. Once for some reason, the film is continually destroyed, oxygen atoms in the air or liquid will continue to infiltrate or iron atoms in the metal will be continuously separated, forming loose iron oxide, and the metal surface will be continuously rusted. There are many forms of such surface film damage, and the following are common in daily life: The surface of the stainless steel wire contains dust or other metal particles attached to other metal elements, and in the humid air, the attached matter and The condensed water between the stainless steels connects the two into a micro-battery, triggering an electrochemical reaction, and the protective film is destroyed, which is called electrochemical corrosion.

The glass-coated pure copper microwires were prepared by melt spinning method. The removal of the glass coating on the surface of the microwires was studied experimentally. The corrosion behavior of the microfilaments in hydrofluoric acid and molten sodium hydroxide was evaluated. The corrosion resistance of glass-coated pure copper microwires in strong acids and alkalis is discussed. Studies have shown that both hydrofluoric acid and molten sodium hydroxide can be used to remove the glass coating on the surface of the microfilament. The time for hydrofluoric acid to remove the glass coating with a thickness of 10 μm at room temperature is about 150 s, and the molten sodium hydroxide is about It takes 10s; the composition and structure of glass are important factors affecting the corrosion resistance of glass-coated pure copper microwires.


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