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Stainless steel hydrogen wire

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[Unit price] Depending on the market conditions, agents, wholesalers, customers can be.

[Minimum order quantity] The spot is not set, the order quantity is 10kg-50kg.

[Delivery cycle] Spot part, same day delivery; small batch order, 1-2 days delivery. Large quantities, depending on the specific situation.

1. The professional customer service asks the customer to make the most suitable stainless steel wire according to the customer's requirements and the type of product required.

2. In the case of stock, the sample can be delivered to the customer on the same day.

3, packaging: circle line - fiber packaging, axis - carton packaging or tray packaging, wire rope - wooden wheel packaging, can be adjusted according to requirements.

4, proofing time: such as non-standard products 1-2 days custom samples.

5, production time: 7-10 days from the customer's order to arrive, large orders can be delivered in batches, the order is subject to negotiation between the two parties.

6, ordering method: small single full payment; large order prepaid 30% deposit, the completion of the production is completed, the balance is paid before delivery; non-standard order prepaid 50% deposit, the production is completed, the balance is in the hair Pay off before the goods.

7. After-sales service: Any stainless steel wire sold in this factory has any quality problems. After the steel wire surface is not worn, scratched or oily, it is confirmed by our laboratory that it can be exchanged within 7 days of arrival. Return, the finished product will not be returned.

8, because the price of stainless steel wire rods fluctuate, the general product quotation is valid for 7 days, specifically negotiable.

9. The company is a general taxpayer and can open 16% VAT.




MOQI is a company based on galvanized wire in 1993.




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