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Several Major Problems In The Wire Mesh Industry

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For many China Welded Wire Fencing exporters,Vicious price competition: In recent years, wire mesh products have frequently been subject to foreign anti-dumping, mainly due to problems with the quality of the wire mesh. Since the profit of the wire mesh industry is considerable, many people start to operate after they have assembled mechanical equipment and skilled workers. As a result, more and more wire mesh enterprises. On the one hand, the increase in the number of enterprises is conducive to the development of the industry, but on the other hand, there is undoubtedly fierce competition among many peer companies. Some enterprises do not hesitate to lower the price of products, and break through the market with a "price war", from the hidden The angle has led to a decline in product quality.

Almost no brand: the brand is the "image representative" of the company and an important means for companies to promote their products abroad. Pushing through online promotion, TV commercials, and exhibition propaganda to create well-known brands in the industry will contribute to product sales. In the long run, it will promote the positive, healthy and rapid development of the entire company.

The reputation crisis of the Welded Wire Mesh Cable Tray exporter is severe: vicious competition among industries has led to a decline in product quality, which has brought a very bad influence on the external image of the screen. Many dealers or customers would rather increase the transportation costs, but also go to other regions to purchase silk. network. In addition to being located in the central region of China, the degree of information and economic development are far less than coastal areas. Therefore, many companies have moved the company to Foshan, Bohai Rim and other regions to solve the "honour" crisis.

Abnormally lack of talents: Located in China's central region, the level of economic development, the public environment, etc., all have a certain gap with the coastal areas, and few technical and managerial personnel are willing to go deep into inland development. The general manager of a company told the author bluntly that the lack of talent has been a serious crisis to the development of the company. Due to the limited number of skilled workers, the hands of technicians in the wire mesh production process often occur, resulting in production activities can not be carried out.


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