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How to test and determine the quality of welded steel mesh

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The national economic construction has entered a new stage, and the demand for steel mesh for energy, transportation, water conservancy, housing and municipal engineering will increase exponentially. The market application prospect is very broad; the steel welded mesh is suitable for factory and large-scale production, and is an emerging industry with high efficiency, meeting environmental protection requirements, and adapting to the industrialization development trend of the construction industry.

According to the raw materials, the steel mesh can be divided into: cold-rolled ribbed steel mesh, cold-drawn round steel mesh, and hot-rolled ribbed steel mesh. Among them, cold-rolled ribbed steel mesh is the most widely used. The steel mesh is divided into two types: fixed steel mesh and custom steel mesh according to the steel plate number, D8 steel mesh diameter, length and spacing.

How should we test and determine the quality of welded steel mesh?

1. The silk of the building steel mesh

There is no need to interpret the silk, and everyone knows that the export standard should be within ±0.05mm.

2, the size of the building steel mesh

The mesh size of ordinary buildings is still not particularly accurate. The mechanical requirements are more precise. See the background requirements. The normal diagonal is less than 5mm. The size is plus or minus 2cm. It is normal because of the welding. Cold shrinkage will also reveal a certain amount of error.

3, mesh welding should be strong

The welded steel mesh of the welded construction site, which is not strong, is like ordinary scrap iron. Can not be soldered, missed soldering. Make a metaphor of two 4mm building steel welded meshes with a total height of 8mm

After welding, it should be between 6-7mm. If the solder joint is too shallow, the solder is not strong. If the solder joint is too deep, the mesh is not supported and easy to break.

Above is the knowledge of steel mesh, I hope to help you.


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