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How Is The Fence Mesh Transported

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The respective shipping methods of the Holland Welded Wire Meshare also different. Some sets are assembled and transported, some are shipped in rolls, and some are packaged and transported according to different specifications. So what kind of shipping method should the fence be used for? 

Fence types can be roughly divided into bilateral fence nets, frame fence nets, steel net fence nets, hook net net fence nets, wave fence nets, etc., which are different in the "body type". Steel mesh fences and frame fence meshes are made of angle iron or rectangular square tubes, so they are slightly larger in size and cannot be divided, so the transportation cost is higher than other types. Although the double-sided fence net is also a sheet-like structure, because there is no additional frame, the size is still thin, and it is not too difficult to transport. Holland Welded Wire Mesh are divided into several types, some are welded together with the frame and the mesh, so that it can not be split transport, and some are connected with fasteners, so you can split the transport to the site after Assembly. The wave fence net, also known as the Dutch net is a roll of "body", it is very convenient to transport.

 Generally speaking, the shipment of products generally follows the principle of low cost, that is, how to reduce the cost. The largest is to be reduced to zero and the occupied volume is reduced. However, the usage should not be affected. Too fragmented must be reduced to zero. Integer, reduce the trouble of loading and counting.




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