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How Does The Fence Mesh Change From Steel To Wire?

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As a Garden Fence Netting exporter,China weld mesh security fence are various and varied. However, anyWeldmesh Galvanised Security Fencing must be selected through material selection, cutting, welding, surface treatment, and inspection. Several steps can be completed, and any one of these steps may become defective. Special letter fence factory specializing in the production of various styles of China weld mesh security fence, welcome to inquire.

Material selection: The substrate used for the China weld mesh security fence is low-carbon steel plate, low-carbon steel wire, electro-galvanized wire, ordinary hot-dip galvanized wire, etc. It must be distinguished when selecting. For example, Q235 low-carbon steel wire should not be used as Q195, otherwise Produced must be substandard products.

Cutting: Weldmesh Galvanised Security Fencing generally have the dimensions of the specifications, so the wire, steel plate, etc. need to be cut into the use of specifications before the next step of processing. It is not necessary to measure every time when cutting. Just make a ruler, and then use this batch to process it. You must not change frequently. Otherwise, you will miss out.

Welding: The welding of thWeldmesh Galvanised Security Fencing can be completed through the connection of steel wire and steel wire, steel wire and frame. It is manual welding to pay attention to the welding process. Since some processes still rely on manual welding, it is necessary to pay attention to this: manual welding requires good voltage and current control, and there should be no phenomenon such as false welding, missing welding, or excessive welding. , Also do not appear scars, welded good slag skin must knock out, do not create obstacles for the next surface treatment.

Surface treatment: This is the final step in the processing of the fence mesh, and it is also a crucial step related to its quality and quality. The surface treatment process includes electro-galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, dipping, plastic spraying, and painting. Although the process is different, the steps are almost the same. First, the surface cleaning, rust removal; then, cleaning and drying; then, the surface spraying, galvanizing and other processes; further drying out.

Inspection: The inspection here is not completed at the end, but exists in every step. Before and after material selection, cutting, welding, and surface treatment, inspections are required. Only in this way can the product be corrected and found insufficiently. Supervise the completion of qualified products.

Well, after a series of steps above, it is easy to produce a qualified fence net. If it is still unqualified, it can only be said that the fence net manufacturers deliberately adopted it. The common fences around us include highway fences, railway fences, frame fences, enclosure fences, culture fences, steel net fences, chain link fences, and so on. These products have passed through these steps. Some even more cumbersome.


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