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Hot dipped galvanized welded wire mesh

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Hot dipped galvanized welded wire mesh can be made of high quality welded mesh, electrogalvanized, hot dip galvanized. It is also supplied in regular steel and does not require galvanizing to save costs.

The wire fabric is made of steel wire arranged in parallel in two orthogonal directions, and the contact points are welded between the wires by an electric welding process (spot welding) of the welding machine.

Galvanizing is not a metal or alloy; it is a process in which a protective zinc coating is applied to the steel to prevent rust. However, in the wire mesh industry, it is often considered a separate category due to its widespread use in all types of applications.

Oriental supplied pre-galvanized welded stencil for low level twill dampers.

The hot dip galvanized steel wire mesh and grid are coated with standard zinc thickness in units of "g / m2". The holes can be rectangular or square mesh. Also known as hardware cloth.

The popular welding grid fence system is as follows, we welcome custom orders and drawings.

Galvanized welded wire mesh is used for building reinforcement or for industrial, agricultural, aquaculture, construction, communication and transportation, and mineral extraction. It can also be used for mechanical or equipment shields, barbed wire for livestock or flowers. Fences for the protection of windows, fencing for passageways, poultry cages, baskets for storing eggs, food baskets, paper baskets or decorative features in homes or offices. A galvanized welded wire mesh having a larger diameter and opening can also be used as a mesh fence.


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