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Galfan Gabion Mesh

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All the characteristics of the Galfan Wire Gabion Baskets: high-corrosion, high-corrosion resistance, and the general pure Galvanized steel wire with a corrosion resistance of about 2-3 times. Whether in the outdoors, in a humid environment, or in harsh environments such as the ocean climate, the corrosion resistance of the zinc alloy layer of the steel wire is superior to that of general Galvanizing and electro-Galvanizing. The Galvanized layer and deformation of the alloy's resistant steel wire is extremely strong, and even beyond the steel base to maintain it. Can accept the tortuous, tortuous deformation process under the experimental conditions, without worrying about the zinc layer cracking and falling.

Rare earth alloy grate box

Galfan Wire Gabion Baskets is a new type of anti-corrosion material, mainly used for metal surface thermal spraying. With pure zinc wire and aluminum wire, the coating has strong adhesion, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and excellent construction features.

Who is known as high-zinc aluminum alloy, good surface treatment, processing function, processing function close to lead brass, cost-effective, environmentally friendly materials, environmental requirements for easy handling of quality characteristics

The use of Galfan Wire Gabion Baskets: water conservancy projects, maintenance of highways, railway subgrade slope protection, ecological maintenance, ecological slope, coastal engineering, disaster prevention, large-scale slope support engineering, ecological construction, municipal gardens.

Galfan Wire for Galfan Gabion Basket Chinese transliteration of high zinc aluminum alloy. Galfan gabion mesh is also known as zinc aluminum alloy stone cage net.

Zinc-aluminum cages are also known as 5% zinc-aluminum cages, 10% zinc-aluminum cages, Galfan gabion mesh, and rare earth alloy grate boxes.

5% - 10% zinc-aluminum alloy (also known as high ER or rare earth alloy) is a new international material in these years. The new coating of pure zinc coating is used to replace the traditional

Galfan gabion mesh advantage

1. Galfan Coated Gabions can weld better than Galvanized steel wire

2, Galfan Coated Gabions's ductility and deformability is extremely strong, even beyond the steel base it protects. Can withstand the test of winding and bending under strong deformation process conditions without worrying about cracking and falling off of plating

3, has a high corrosion resistance, the corrosion resistance of its products is about 2-3 times that of ordinary Galvanizing. The corrosion resistance of the alloy coated steel wire is superior to ordinary Galvanizing and electroplating zinc in harsh environments such as outdoors, in humid environments, or in marine environments.

4. The zinc-aluminum structure of the Galfan gabion mesh provides an excellent uniform phase surface. Compared with other coatings, the alloy coating is an excellent pretreatment substrate and adhesive. The characteristics improve cracking, corrosion and blistering after application.


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