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Gabion Mesh appearance processing

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Gabion baskets welded mesh operating requirements:

1, the environment is bad, need to acid and alkali corrosion of places (such as coastal areas, chemical plants, environmental protection equipment, etc.).

2. Places where cleaning is highly demanded (disinfection plant, pharmaceutical factory, food processing).

3, the place for the decoration of high demand (such as exterior wall structure, shopping malls, landscape, sightseeing channels).

Raw material selection

1, 304: stainless steel steel grating corrosion resistance is usually the most common, recommended use.

2, 316 (316L): corrosion resistance is strong, the price is more expensive, usually used in special places.

3, 301: stainless steel grid plate corrosion resistance is weak, the price is lower.

Surface treatment

1. After pickling and passivation, the surface is matt grayish white.

2, electrochemical polishing, the surface is brighter, higher brightness.

3. After the waste is heated and polished, the electrochemical polishing is stopped, and finally the chrome treatment is stopped, and the mirror effect can be reached.

Regardless of the surface disposal method, it must be shot blasted before disposal. Stainless steel raw materials are commonly used in food processing, shipbuilding, petrochemical, sewage disposal and other anti-corrosion demanding applications. The selection of stainless steel gratings is the same as the selection of carbon steel gratings. Stainless steel gratings are widely used in various factories at home and abroad due to their special properties.

Gabion Mesh appearance processing


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