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Gabion Mesh Work Installation Steps

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Installation and application of Gabion baskets welded mesh:

(1) Data delivery

The Gabion baskets welded mesh is a woven mesh, which is woven by a series of procedures such as wire selection, weaving, cutting, hooking and inspection. The Gabion baskets welded mesh can be rolled or packaged, so that the cage can be packed and shipped by the workers, and the wire is supplied in a roll. It is best to put the gabion in a dry environment and tie it tightly for easy loading.

(2) Device requirements:

Place the folded Hexagonal Wire Mesh Gabions on a flat floor and flatten the remaining creases. The front and rear panels, the bottom plate and the partition plate are set to a certain orientation and are in the shape of a box. The upper and lower corners of the adjacent cage group are connected by a double-strand composite wire; the upper and lower frames or fold lines are tied, and the combination of the spiral fixed wire twisting is used. The Hexagonal Wire Mesh Gabions is divided into a number of cells by a partition. In order to strengthen the strength of the mesh mat structure, all the side edges of the panel are made of steel wires with larger diameters. Place several spaces on the flat ground and join them together. In the case of a base cage group, when tying the bottom line frame of the adjacent side between the upper cage groups, the lower cage group must be layered or netted. The pieces are tied together and twisted and tightened with a spiral fixing wire to form a unitary body. Fold the net cover down, pull it into place and twist it with the front, side and partition.

(3) Device program

Bind with a tie that is about 1.5 times better than the sideline. The longest wire in the cage usually does not exceed 1 meter. Wires with larger diameters are used at the edge of all panels. The upper and lower corners of the adjacent cage group are connected by a single or double stranded composite wire, and the distance between the two strands is not more than 300 mm. The upper and lower frame lines or fold lines are fixed by the wire-wound screw to tighten the joint lashing, and the distance at the end of the margin is at most 100 mm. The tie wire can be fastened with pliers. When tying, pay attention to the coating of the surface of the mesh and do not damage it. If the customer needs, we can send a professional to guide.

(4) Foundation preparation

The Hexagonal Wire Mesh Gabions should be placed in a flat slope or excavated foundation pit according to the construction drawing. Level the foundation pit or slope, and sprinkle the loose soil and corresponding plants that meet the engineering standards. The drainage device around the foundation needs to be measured reasonably (such as the geotextile, drainage structure, etc. of the project). In the slope protection structure, the side of the gabion mesh can also be equipped with civil textiles that meet the needs.

(5) Devices and materials

After the foundation is ready, put the pre-installed in position empty in the proper orientation, and connect each one along the edge to form a consistent whole. The stone to be loaded should conform to the corresponding quarrying rules, and the stone crushing machine can be used to break the large-size stone material to meet the demand. Stones need to be strong, round and sleek, and durable, so that the stone is soaked in water or exposed to harsh environments such as cool days, so as not to crack.

The stone should be between 100mm and 200mm, and should not be exposed to the outside. In addition, the maximum stone should not exceed 250mm, the minimum is not less than 50mm. The 1 m high gabion mesh is filled with 300 mm high stone material, and the 0.5 m high gabion mesh is filled with 250 mm high stone material.

The stone is filled into the cage, usually the thickness of each layer is controlled at 30cm, and it is properly compacted and the surface is stacked flat. If the cage is less than 30cm thick, the filler can be used at one time. Be careful not to damage the PVC coating when loading stones.

In the process of stone cage stone filling, the mechanical and artificial matching construction method is adopted. Firstly, the mechanical packing does not exceed 1/2 of the height of the stone cage, and then the surrounding stone is placed and arranged regularly, and the fine stone is used to fill the compact. Then continue to charge. It is advocated that the small stone filling should be mainly in the interior, the small stone should not be used in the outing surface, the stone cage filler particle size of the slope protection engineering can be smaller, and the particle size of the stone cage retaining wall of the flood control project can be larger.

1m high Welded Wire Gabion filling map. The Welded Wire Gabion device needs to be double-sided at the bottom of the wall, and the reinforced pen is installed directly on the side. The 0.5m high gabion net is used in the slope protection project without the need to participate in the reinforcement of the steel inside. When it is necessary to install a multi-layered gabion net, the top surface of each layer is about 25-40 mm and needs to be flat, leaving a minimum gap. Ensure that the top layer of the interval is easy to connect.

(6) Sealing

Put the stone into the net reasonably, after it is flat and leave the minimum empty space, cover the cover, and tie the frame covered by the net cover and the net body according to the rules. In order to connect a single stone cage with other adjacent stone cages. Be careful not to damage the mesh and PVC coating. The protruding side wire on the net cover needs to be wound around the circumference for two turns to tie the margin. The lid needs to be tied to the net body and each of the gaps. Also tie together the adjacent mesh cover. In the end, all the sharp ones at the end of the net should be bent into the cage as much as possible to make it smooth and beautiful.


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