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Gabion Mesh Processing

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"Gabion Mesh" is assembled by various mesh standard mesh according to ASTM A975-97. The ready-made stone filling assembly constitutes a flexible, water-permeable and all-support structure, which is often used in ecological protection projects. The structure of the Gabion baskets welded mesh is made of high-galvanized steel wire or 10% zinc-aluminum alloy steel wire by double-strand twisting. The length of the double-wire stranding can not be less than 45mm to ensure that some anti-corrosion functions of the stranding are not damaged. If the environment is bad, the pollution is serious, and the steel surface can be coated with plastic (including pvc) to enhance the corrosion resistance of the steel wire. It is a new type of ecological structure, and the use of the green shore mat is often used in combination with the solid side cage to achieve an excellent effect. They are all cages woven from low-carbon steel wire, their anti-scour ability and impact resistance can be strong, if in the case of ambition, or even the maximum water flow rate can be up to 6m / s, high-speed water flow, cage Even if there is a small displacement, the loose packing inside will not be taken away by the flood, but will reach a new balance through its own conditioning, and the connection force between the unit structures can make it stronger. With common anti-wind wave scouring ability, the open space of the filling material in the  Gabion baskets welded mesh can smash the spray, reduce the wave pressure, damage the vacuum suction when the wave is retracted, and the fine adjustment of the structure itself can ensure the safety and stability of the project. . It is made of low-carbon steel wire by special anti-corrosion treatment, ie thick galvanizing, thick plating Galvan (5% aluminum-zinc alloy + rare earth element), 10% aluminum-zinc alloy plating, thick galvanizing and plastic coating, thick plating Galfan It is overmolded, thickly plated with 10% aluminum-zinc alloy and overmolded, and then mechanically woven to form a mesh mat made of hexagonal double-stranded steel mesh. The internal filling stone constitutes a flexible, water-permeable, versatile, durable, fast-constructing and environmentally-friendly slope protection structure, which makes the structure satisfactory for both engineering safety and the circulation of water between the plant roots and the soil. The role of landscaping together is a typical economic and ecological protection structure. Gabion baskets welded mesh, galvanized are primarily used in manufacturing and direct gabion nets are engulfed in slopes to disperse in cages that prevent gully soil erosion and rolling stones. The Weld mesh gabions material contains a lot of zinc coating, galvanized iron wire and some galvanized steel wire in 240 grams. There are two main types of galvanized heavy hexagonal mesh materials: (1) galvanized iron wire: low carbon steel wire rope, wire diameter 2.0 MM 4.0 mm, heavy tensile strength of steel wire or equal to 380Mpa external treatment, steel, galvanized coating thickness The production of hot-dip galvanizing can be achieved according to the customer's request, the largest amount of galvanizing, can reach 300 g / square meter, the most galvanizing amount is more than 4 people / square meter. (2) Aluminum-zinc-5% mixed rare earth alloy steel wire This is a new material. In recent years, the conventional corrosion resistance is three times as large as pure zinc plating, and the diameter is between 1.0 mm and 3.0 mm. The heavy-duty hexagonal net produced by our company has a large share of galvanized hexagonal mesh with a hole of 8X10cm, a mesh line diameter of 2.7 mm and a margin of 3.9 mm diameter; a silk 10X12 cm mesh with a diameter of 2.7 mm and a wire diameter of 3.9 mm. Side wire diameter; 6X8cm mesh outer wire is 2.7 mm, margin is 3.9 mm diameter. The galvanized stone cage net adopts the assembling method, the cover plate, the side plate, the end plate and the bottom plate are separately produced and assembled into a net box, and some of them are surrounded by spiral steel wires, and all the side wires of the net box are selected by thick wire to strengthen the gabion cage. strength. The Gabion baskets welded mesh has good combination: the processing and transportation are convenient, and can be bundled into various shapes according to the planning request, and the shape of the hillside, the bank and the embankment are used. The galvanized stone cage net is an ecological grid structure. The stone cage net has high corrosion resistance, high strength and ductile low carbon steel wire. The above steel wire coated with pvc is mechanically woven. The gabion cage is a gabion cage gabion made of stone cage net. The marginal diameter of the mesh is usually larger than the diameter of the wire. Some of the two-wire stranding are usually twisted to ensure that the metal coating and the pvc coating of some of the steel wires are not damaged.


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