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Elasticity Of Various Colors Of Plastic Coated PVC

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The gabion net is also called PVC Coated Gabion Box ,it is made up of special processes such as weaving, assembling, ringing, and compression. The various types of plastic wire are used in the preparation process of the PVC Coated Gabions to increase the appearance and strength of the PVC Coated Gabions . The stone cage mesh coated with plastic coated particles is more waterproof, sturdy and durable.

The common pvc Coated Galvanized Hexagonal Gabion color is green. Whether it is dark green or grass green, it is consistent with the color of the river bank. Green is the beauty of the essence, giving people the ecological, harmonious, natural, environmental, life feeling and visual impact. It feels spring, thick green plastic-coated stone cage net, enhanced corrosion resistance, enhanced service life, and the seeds of planting plants. After germination and growth, the whole shore is green and full of vitality. It is a good choice to create ecological revetment, green hillside and prevent desertification.

In addition to green, there are also gray, yellow, red, blue, black and other silk weaving gab nets. These specifications of pvc Coated Galvanized Hexagonal Gabion can be used for building materials, exterior wall decoration, landscape landscaping. The construction of the pool and the maintenance of the pond have replaced the shortcomings of the single color of other building materials. It is a highlight of modern villa design and landscape design. The packaged gabion net has certain properties with strong acid, alkali, oxidant, salt water and oxygen. Resistance, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, acid and alkali resistance, moisture resistance, insulation, aging resistance, good hand feeling, environmental protection, long life and other characteristics are traditional paint, anti-rust oil, paint several times, more vivid after plastic.

Various colors of pvc Coated Galvanized Hexagonal Gabion has a certain flexibility, which is also one of the reasons for the impact prevention of stone cage net, Gabion net, Renault cushion, slope protection stone cage net, slope protection grid, slope protection In the process of slope protection, Renault pads are placed in the high-altitude falling rock slabs, so they will not fall apart and break, just the opposite rebound force will produce shock absorption effect, plus the sturdy and durable nature will fly The downfall of the rock fell to the side, or fixed to wait for the relevant departments to clean up. When the large collapsed, the debris flow rolled down and the integrity of the stone cage net retaining wall was exerted. The large-area thick stone cage net retaining wall, It is enough to withstand the impact of giant stones and countless small stones. Its solidity can resist a large number of impacts. It is an artificial barrier for mountain friends and has the characteristics of preventing natural disasters. It can also be used for winter anti-icing strikes.

All kinds of PVC Coated Wire Gabions have strong impact resistance to floods, whether it is flash floods or storm floods, floods caused by typhoons, storm surges, floods caused by tsunami tornadoes, snowstorms and snowstorms. It has a certain destructive power. In the face of strong impact, the elasticity of the PVC Coated Wire Gabions plays a powerful role. PVC Coated Wire Gabions can reduce or eliminate the wind and waves through the permeability, and the effect of reversing the shore after the elastic force, the effect of turning back The two wave of floods and waves, through the plastic-coated stone cage network to block dredging floods, draining to the reservoir, artificial lakes, reservoirs, bring benefits to the water-scarce mountains and cities.

All kinds of plastic coated PVC screen flame retardant, mesh surface smooth, excellent tension, impact resistance, collision resistance, good elasticity, not easy to deform, good flexibility, plus stone cage net, Gebin network, anti- Strong pressure resistance, strong tensile strength, corrosion resistance, high strength, strong tensile strength, no fear of water, strong wind and wave resistance, water permeability, etc. The color will be brighter, the gloss is higher, and it has a very high pressure. Good use effect, greatly extending the service life and reducing economic expenses.


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