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Detailed description and introduction of the focus of the steel mesh products

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At present, our factory mainly produces 5-12mm cold-rolled, hot-rolled shaped steel welded mesh and custom steel mesh. In order to consider the convenience of transportation, it is recommended that the width of the mesh is within 2.3 meters and the length is within 12 meters.

  CRB550 cold-rolled ribbed steel mesh and hot-rolled steel mesh, HRB400 material steel mesh, threaded steel mesh

1. CRB550 steel mesh is made by HPB hot-rolled steel bar after cold rolling reduction, steel bar tensile strength reaches 550MPA/mm2 and the specified mechanical properties, and then welded by heavy-duty CNC machine.

2. Hot-rolled steel mesh, HRB400 steel mesh and threaded steel mesh are directly welded by hot-rolled round steel bars and threaded steel bars through heavy-duty CNC machines.

The steel mesh is divided into two types: fixed steel mesh and custom steel mesh according to the grade, diameter, length and spacing of the steel bar.

According to the shape of the four sides, the steel mesh has: a reinforced mesh and a spear steel mesh; a ribbed steel mesh and a light garden steel mesh.

The steel mesh can be called according to the material grade, use, shape and shape such as spearhead, edge, light circle, ribbed, thread; shaping standard, custom requirements, etc.: such as cold rolled ribbed steel mesh, ribbed steel mesh, ribbed welding Mesh, cold rolled steel mesh, cold drawn steel mesh, CRB550 ribbed steel mesh, hot rolled steel mesh, HPB300 steel welded mesh, HRB400 welded wire mesh, hot rolled ribbed steel mesh, threaded steel mesh, coiled steel mesh, none Ribbed steel mesh, cold drawn round steel mesh, light round steel mesh, steel mesh, bridge steel mesh, coal mine steel mesh, highway steel mesh, tunnel steel mesh, steel mesh, roof cast steel mesh, welded wire mesh, electric welding Nets, welded mesh, construction mesh, steel construction mesh, ground cast-in-place mesh, mine support mesh, foundation pit anchor mesh, slope protection mesh, mesh. Cold-rolled ribbed steel mesh is the most widely used in road and bridge, tunnel culvert and foundation dam. Building mesh, welded wire mesh and supporting mesh are widely used in mine support, tunnel coal mine culvert, slope and wall.

According to the above description, the mesh of these welding series can be called steel mesh. From the perspective of manufacturing, how to distinguish the wire diameter and mesh and width and length of steel mesh, building mesh and electric welding mesh?

Differences and distinctions between steel mesh and welded wire mesh, building mesh and support mesh

According to the power, width and length of the machine, the steel mesh can produce thick wire, small wire and filament respectively: welded steel mesh, building steel mesh, building mesh, welded wire mesh, steel mesh, supporting mesh, Welded mesh, welded mesh and so on.

1. Production range of welded mesh and steel construction mesh machine:

1. The width of the small machine is 1.2-2 meters. Generally, there are 51 welded studs. The wire diameter range that he can produce is 1.8-4mm. The mesh is in the range of 20*20--200*200mm. It can also be square and rectangular mesh. The width of the mesh surface is within 2 meters and the length is generally 2-4 meters;

2, welded wire mesh machine: 41 stigmas, 2-3 meters, wire diameter range 2.8-5.5mm; mesh 50*50 50*150 100*200mm square, rectangular mesh, mesh width within 3m, length Within 6 meters; few can make the maximum wire diameter of 6MM.

Second, steel mesh, CRB550 steel mesh, steel mesh (the production range of steel mesh machines with large diameter)

Refers to the ability to weld 5-12mm wire diameter. This machine generally has 24 welded studs, mesh 100*100, 100*150, 150*150, 150*200, 200*200mm; mesh width within 2.5m; 6- The 8mm wire diameter can be welded to a width of 3 meters; the length of the mesh surface is up to 12 meters.

 Theoretical weight calculation formula for steel mesh, building mesh and welded wire mesh:

Theoretical weight (KG) = (reinforcing net length number * width meter + width root * length meter) * wire diameter (MM) * wire diameter (MM) * 0.00617

Specification for the construction of steel mesh, welded wire mesh and construction mesh:

Write the wire diameter - then width - length after the mesh. For example: D10 shaped national standard steel mesh, the mesh size is 2 * 12 meters, its writing format is:

100**x100x10x2000x12000, the unit is mm; for people familiar with the mesh, it can also be written as: 100x100x10x2x12 where 100x100x10 is mm; 2x12 is m


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