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Basic Requirements For Galvanized Wire Products

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As China Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Iron Wire exporter, there are some basic requirements for galvanized wire products:

1. Appearance requirements for High Tensile Galvanized iron Wire: The surface must be smooth and continuous without sagging, dripping, or slag existence. The surface is free from defects such as leakage and exposed iron. The specifics are not completely perfect. The following problems can be ignored - regardless of the plating Size, spot size of leaked plating area 0.5-1mm in diameter, not more than 3 points per square centimeter, and the total number of spots in the plated part does not exceed 10 points; in the non-joint or non-joint angle, the height of the quality Soft galvanized iron wire does not exceed 1.5 mm drip drip or slag; galvanized parts have scratches but no leakage of iron,

2. The thickness and adhesion of zinc-plated zinc layer are standard, mainly according to the size of zinc parts. When the thickness of plating parts is 3-4 mm, the amount of zinc adhesion should be less than 460 g/m, that is, the average zinc layer. The thickness is not less than 65 microns; when the thickness of the plating is greater than 4 mm, the zinc adhesion amount should not be lower than 610 g/m, that is, the average thickness of the zinc layer should not be lower than 86 μm. 

3. Electro Low Carbon Hot Dipped Galvanized iron Wire quality test problems - galvanized layer is basically uniform with a copper sulfate solution test etched five times without exposure to iron; plating of the zinc layer should be combined with the base metal has sufficient adhesion strength, the hammer test is not Shedding, not raised.

4. the standard requirements of products to be plated - the surface of the parts to be plated should be flat, and there is no dirt that can not be removed by pickling method; all welds of welded components should be sealed, there must be no air; pipe and container parts must have exhaust And into the zinc hole; the workpiece should be non-threaded finished welded steel pipe, if the thread should be protected.  


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