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Application Of Lead Wire Cage In Emergencies

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Application of lead wire cage in emergencies 

In the face of natural floods, the river embankment collapsed and it was urgent to block the collapse. The Lead wire gabion net can be folded into a cage at the scene, and poured into the stone, which can be quickly put into the water to block the river water.

The Lead wire gabion net is quick to install, easy to use, and requires no technology. It is especially suitable for use in emergency situations. The water conservancy department will reserve gabion cages every year.

 For example: collapse and rescue. When the reservoir dam collapses, throw a stone, sandbag orLead wire gabion net along the collapsed part, first throw it from the top part of the collapse and then proceed to the stable slope.

Vulnerability in the loophole. When there is a seepage hole in the back of the dam and near the foot of the dam, the hole is imported. If the hole is small, it can be quickly filled with cotton wool, straw bag or woven bag, and the straw is tied into a soft wedge. If the hole is large, or when there are more holes, use a large iron pot to buckle or buckle on the hole, cut off the water flow, cover it with a tarpaulin or a net bag, then cover the soil bag, sand bag, and fill the clay tightly. .

Leaking water to rescue. When the dam seeps water, the method of “water seepage and backwater drainage” is adopted. In the front of the water slope, the viscous earth material with small water permeability is used for the front hoe, and the tarpaulin and the geomembrane can be used to reduce the infiltration of the water body. In the backwater slope, the sandstone, geotextile or firewood with large water permeability is used for filtration, and the soil is not lost by the reverse filtration, thereby reducing the saturation line and keeping the dam body stable. It is forbidden to use clay to infiltrate the backwater slope, which will raise the saturation line, resulting in an increase in the seepage range and an increase in risk.



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