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Hebei MOQI Metal Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd.

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ADD: Hebei anping county after zhao tuan development zone
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Anping County Wire Mesh History

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China's largest wire mesh distribution center - Anping Plain Steel Welded Wire Mesh exporter

In 1895, the production of Stainless Steel 304 Woven Wire from copper wire was introduced to Anping. At this point, Anping began the era of producing wire mesh from wire. After several generations of Anping people's unremitting pursuit and hard work, the Stainless Steel Plain dutch weave mesh has taken root and sprouted in Anping, and at present, Anping has become China's largest wire mesh distribution center. Anping-- was praised at home and abroad as: "Hometown of Wire Mesh" ‘Screen Production and Marketing Base’.

Up to now, the Anping wire mesh industry, which has a history of more than 500 years, has an annual production volume and sales volume of 80% of the country. The Stainless Steel Plain dutch weave mesh products have been developed into 8 series, more than 400 varieties and more than 6,000 specifications. The honorary title of “China Screen Production and Marketing Base” is China  Chemical Business Association, China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Power Tools Branch, China Building Decoration Association Materials Committee jointly awarded the Anping wire mesh industry after full investigation and demonstration. Drive by policies to accelerate the development of an excellent environment. Anping County has successively issued the "Decision on Encouraging the Development of Individual and Private Economy", "Decision on Implementing the Strategy of Characteristic  County", "Preferential Policies on Further Encouraging Foreign Investment", and "Regulations on Encouraging Investment and Construction of Foreign Projects", etc. A series of preferential policies. Invested more than 4 million yuan to build the county government administrative service center, formulated the "foreign enterprise service system", implemented the project "one-stop" office and "one-stop" service, greatly simplifying the project approval procedures. And from the power, land, funds and other aspects to give preferential treatment, so that the majority of wire mesh production operators worry about the way, let go of the pavilion, boldly earning votes. In addition, in order to make the wire mesh industry bigger and stronger, and to develop large-scale, Anping County has made the decision to build a high-standard China Anping International Stainless Steel Plain dutch weave mesh Production Base. The project has an investment of 6 billion yuan and covers an area of 6,780 mu, designed by Tsinghua University. The first phase of the project has started construction, and 98 large-scale wire mesh production enterprises have settled.

Technology promotes and updates equipment and technology. Invested several hundred million yuan to introduce a large number of internationally advanced equipment and technology, such as high-density looms, ultra-fine wire drawing machines, polyester net looms, etc., all the old looms in the county were updated, and the mechanization degree of the whole industry reached 98%. It has formed a scientific research consortium with more than 30 colleges and universities in Beijing and Tianjin to carry out high-tech development. At present, the county has developed 1,600 sets of production equipment with advanced level at home and abroad, and developed more than 60 new products. Among them, 29 items filled the domestic gap, 24 items filled the gaps in the province, and 11 items won provincial and ministerial awards, which greatly improved the overall technology level of the county wire mesh industry and the scientific and technological content of wire mesh products.

Open and motivate, inject new energy into the new machine. Anping County has stepped up its efforts to open up to the outside world, insisting on equal emphasis on both introduction and transmission, and actively implementing the strategy of “please come in” and “go global”. Experts, scholars and professors in the wire mesh industry are trained to train wire mesh professionals to teach international trade knowledge. Level middlemen went to Anping to visit and inspect, so that they can further understand the scale, quality and reputation of Anping Wire Mesh, and actively circulate and sell Anping wire mesh; please produce large-scale and high-tech foreign wire mesh enterprises to Anping Investment Factory . In recent years, 54 wire mesh three-funded enterprises such as Hehuang, Jietong and Yunsheng have been built. At the same time, the implementation of the "going out" strategy, in Thailand, Myanmar, Russia and other countries to set up more than 20 screen sales window and office, directly participate in the international cycle, big competition. 

The market is pulling, focusing on the global expansion space. Anping County not only has more than 6,000 fixed sales outlets in major cities across the country, but also relies on enterprises and merchants to raise funds to establish a domestic first-class trade city. Excellent transportation, Anping County, Hebei Province, located in the center of Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang, west of Beijing-Guangzhou, east of Beijing-Kowloon, superior location and convenient transportation.


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 Add: Hebei anping county after zhao tuan development zone


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